Shotokan Karate Katas

Karate Kata List


This is the most straightforward adjusted structure of japanese katas rehearsed at IMA. Made by Expert Funakoshi’s child, Gigo, Taikyoku engages new understudies to learn basic altered affiliation measures.
太極初段 Taikyoku Shodan – (first reason)


Made all things considered beginning late, the Heians were from the start called Pinan from the Okinawan way to deal with express the Chinese word for thriving. Right when acquainted with Japan, Genius Funakoshi utilized the Japanese verbalization Heian. Considered essential individualized relationship for starting understudies to karate katas.
平安初段 Heian Shodan – (calm character, first level)
平安二段 Heian Nidan – (calm character, second level)
平安三段 Heian Sandan – (calm character, third level)
平安四段 Heian Yondan – (calm character, fourth level)
平安五段 Heian Godan – (calm character, fifth level)


At the first suggested in Okinawa as Naihanchi, the katas were renamed by Master Funakoshi upon the essential inclusion with Japan to mirror the quality appeared with kiba-dachi. Wealthy in battling procedures, the Tekki family offers a great deal of close battle approachs.
鉄騎初段 Tekki Shodan – (iron horse riding, first level)
鉄騎弐段 Tekki Nidan – (iron horse riding, second level)
鉄騎参段 Tekki Sandan – (iron horse riding, third level)

Advanced karate kata names

Many of these karate styles belong to Shotokan kata list.

  • Bassai Dai (to enter a fortress – enormous)
    The solid structures of this individualized affiliation stress hip progression. Some take after a battering ram being utilized against fortification dividers.
  • Bassai Sho (to enter a stronghold – little)
    This tweaked association was gotten from Bassai-Dai. It has a similar execution line.
  • Kanku Dai (to see the sky – colossal)
    A large portion of the pieces of the Heian Revamp structure were gotten from this individualized affiliation. The fundamental headway in this individualized affiliation sees the sky, which symbolizes the universe and shows your adversary that you are unarmed. It was Master Funakoshi’s favored individualized affiliation.
  • Kanku Sho (to see the sky – little)
    Kanku Sho was produced using Kanku Dai. The advancements and execution line are relative.
  • Hangetsu (half moon)
    This individualized structure got its name from its key position, hangetsu dachi (half moon position).
  • Goju Shi Ho Dai (fifty four phases – tremendous)
    This changed structure is one of the most advance individualized relationship of Shotokan. Professional Funakoshi called it hotaku (beating of a woodpecker) since a touch of the strategies take after a woodpecker tapping its mouth against a tree.
  • Goju Shi Ho Sho (fifty four phases – little)
    This is a progressively little variety of Goju Shi Ho Dai. It is also one of the most made changed relationship of Shotokan.
  • Enpi (flying swallow)
    The shrewd, all things considered, enhancements of this adjusted structure are suggestive of an indulgence swallow. Enpi is one of the most arranged changed relationship in Shotokan. Its past name was Wanshu.
  • Jion (love and goodness)
    Jion is a term in Buddhism. It is moreover the name of a safe house in China. It utilizes basic positions and procedures. It is one of the most standard individualized structure in Shotokan.
  • Jiin (love and shadow)
    Jiin is another term in Buddhism. It has similar systems and execution line as Jion.
  • Jitte (ten hands)
    The objective of this individualized affiliation is to exhibit an understudy to battle against ten rivals. This is a solid individualized affiliation, like jion and Jiin.
  • Meikyo (awe inspiring mirror)
    The standard enhancements of this individualized structure propose the smoothing of water to make it as serene and even as a mirror. The triangle clutch the consummation of this individualized affiliation is said to have a mystery significance predicting to a marvel.
  • Niju Shi Ho (twenty-four phases)
    The progressions in this adjusted affiliation look like waves breaking on a fake. The past name of this individualized affiliation was ni sei shi.
  • Wankan (ruler and crown)
    Wankan is the briefest modified structure in Shotokan karate kata individualized organization.
  • Gankaku (crane on a stone)
    The significant circumstance in this adjusted structure (tsuruashi dachi) takes after a crane masterminded to strike at its prey. The headways should reproduce a battle in the tight back entryways of Okinawa. The past name of this adjusted affiliation was Chinto.
  • Sochin (quality and calm)
    The name of this individualized affiliation begins from its position (sochin dachi), a solid, developed position. The motivation driving this individualized affiliation is to demonstrate prevention against a stick. Its past name was Hakko.
  • Chinte (exceptional hand)
    Chinte has a great deal of backhanded and roundhouse strategies. These are wonderful and are not standard of the most compelled division between two idea of Shotokan.
  • Unsu (cloud hands)
    Unsu has two or three philosophies that symbolize disconnecting the hazes with open hands. It is in like way one of the most wonderful revamp shotokan altered structure list.

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