Taekwondo Kicks – Korean Names

Korean Names for Taekwondo Kicks

In Taekwondo, your teacher will request that you play out a particular kick yet he may utilize the Korean name for that kick. For instance, he may request that you exhibit a “Dwi Chagi” (which means Back Kick). In this way, you would do well to become familiar with the Korean names for the fundamental kicks utilized in Taekwondo. Recorded underneath are the Korean names for an assortment of Taekwondo kicks, (for example, front kick, back kick and turning snare kick). We have additionally incorporate a video so you can tune in to the best possible Korean way to express these different Taekwondo kicks.

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Korean Names for Various Taekwondo Kicks

  • Axe Kick – Naeryeo Chagi
  • Back Kick – Dwi Chagi (“D-we Cha-gee”)
  • Crescent Kick – Bandal Chagi
  • Flying Back Kick – Twi-myo Dwi Chagi
  • Flying Side Kick – Twi-myo Yeop Chagi
  • Front Kick – Ap Chagi (“Ap Cha-gee”)
  • Hook Kick – Huryeo Chagi
  • Jumping Front Kick – Eedan Ap Chagi
  • Kick – Chagi (“Cha-gee”) – Generic term for kick
  • Knee Strike – Moreup Chigi… FYI – This term uses the word chigi (which means strike) and not chagi (which means kick)
  • Push Kick – Meereo Chagi
  • Roundhouse Kick – Dollyo Chagi (“Dole-ya Cha-gee”)
  • Scissor Kick – Kawi Chagi
  • Side Kick – Yeop Chagi (“Yup Cha-gee”)
  • Spinning Hook Kick – Dwi Huryeo Chagi

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