Taekwondo – Korean Words, Terms & Numbers

Taekwondo – Korean Terms, Words and Numbers

Here are fundamental Taekwondo Korean words, numbers and directions that you will require for this Korean military quality. Shock your Taekwondo Master by communicating in Korean! Also, numerous schools expect you to know and talk about these essential Taekwondo Korean words and terms to get your belts. Taekwondo terminology sheet is contained in this article and is very important. We have likewise incorporated various recordings so you can tune in to the correct way to express these TKD Korean words, terms and directions. Visit the different areas underneath to learn numbers, significant Taekwondo directions, names for Taekwondo kicks and other fundamental Korean words (for example Hi).

Taekwondo Numbers – When extending or rehearsing Taekwondo, you should realise how to include in Korean. This page shows you how to articulate different Taekwondo numbers (for example 1 through 20).

Taekwondo in Korean Names for Kicks – Learn the Taekwondo words for Front Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Spinning Hook Kick and some more.

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